Industry Pharmaceutical
Location Aachen, Germany

Acnos Pharma GmbH is an Aachen-based pharmaceutical distributor and service provider to the healthcare industry. Working closely with manufacturers across the world to ensure the highest standard of safety and quality, the organisation is also a vital resource for clinical trials, providing clinical supply services to companies globally.


Pharmaceuticals and clinical trials are fast-paced and confidential industries where precision is key, and the amount of data collected is vast. Before Sugar, Acnos Pharma GmbH had a large amount of information it needed to store in a knowledge base, where its staff could search for particulars, such as a specific product or active ingredient. Its previous solution made this impossible and, as a result, teams weren’t able to access information quickly or easily, putting potential business opportunities at risk.

Alongside this, with the organisation boasting employees across Europe and the US, its lack of a product search function meant teams outside of Germany didn’t have instant access to vital information, having instead to wait for colleagues in a different time zone to share data. This was not only highly ineffective but made timely responses to customers hard. Finding a solution to streamline this knowledge sharing and manage data sprawl was crucial if the business was to ensure fast customer communication and improve staff efficiency.

As a result of such demands, Acnos Pharma GmbH was aware it needed a CRM solution which allowed it to store the vast amounts of data it produces in one place, as well as have a single overview of customer communication and a useful product search feature.


Prior to choosing Sugar, the business evaluated a number of CRM solution providers but found some of the larger companies didn’t fit with what it was looking for, with the systems either being too complicated or not having the specific functionality needed. After receiving a recommendation for Sugar from a trusted advisor at implementation partner, Fellow Consulting AG, Florian Seliger, Head of Technology at Acnos Pharma GmbH, decided to trial the CRM solution and see if it would work for the business. At the conclusion of this trial period, it was clear the CRM platform was the best fit for the organisation.

“The trial proved the Sugar solution was the best for our business, but it still needed some tweaks. So, we asked if Sugar and its implementation partner Fellow Consulting, and, although it wasn’t easy, the team solved the issue for us.

It’s this kind of customer service, and the fact we have such a great relationship with the Sugar and Fellow Consulting teams, who are quick to handle our requests, are happy to offer hand made solutions and understand our business inside out, that we chose Sugar as our CRM provider of choice,” said Florian Seliger, who was responsible for choosing Acnos Pharma GmbH’s new CRM solution.

He added, “I speak to a vast number of solutions providers every day and make my decision on what would work best for our business based not only on the competency of the solution but my relationship with the team. This is where the Sugar and Fellow Consulting partnership stood out for me, making the changes we needed quickly, efficiently, and with a smile on their faces – they handled the process perfectly.”


Since implementing the Sugar solution, Acnos Pharma GmbH has seen a dramatic reduction in workflow, especially thanks to the Outlook plugin which has allowed all employees easy and instant access to the CRM solution. Alongside this, the solution has managed the company’s data sprawl, keeping all vital information in one place something which managed to successfully secure the business a project.

Interestingly, thanks to the help of Sugar’s CRM solution, Acnos Pharma GmbH can now keep track of all its communication, meetings, and phone calls which put it in a good position when, during a time-critical project, the business got feedback it didn’t respond in time to certain criteria.


Having implemented Sugar in 2018 with the help of Fellow Consulting, the solution has seen and supported Acnos Pharma GmbH through a huge growth period, something which is set to continue. The company plans to continue to use the technology to empower its team, streamline workflow processes, and manage the vast amount of data it creates daily. As the business grows into the future, the Sugar solution will grow with it.

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