Picture this… You’re a pharmaceutical distributor and service provider to the healthcare industry, delivering life saving clinical trials and clinical supplies to companies around the world. Even the smallest delays in delivery can have serious ramifications for your customers and their patients; that’s why your partners trust you to deliver on time, in full, with true German efficiency, wherever in the world that might be.

But, your expertise is in pharmaceuticals, not data storage and CRM. Pharmaceuticals and clinical trials are fast-paced and confidential industries where precision is key, and the amount of data collected is vast. You have a large amount of information that needs to be stored in a knowledge base, where your staff can search for particulars, such as a specific product or active ingredient. But, your current solution makes this impossible and, as a result, your teams aren’t able to access information quickly or easily, putting potential business opportunities at risk.

So, you turn to SugarCRM.
Following a personal recommendation and successful trial, our team wins you over with our great customer service and a CRM solution that’s a clear fit for your organization. With smiles on our faces, Sugar, and our partner Fellow Consulting, then implement a CRM solution that allows you to store the vast amounts of data you produce in one place, as well as have a single overview of customer communication and a useful product search feature.

Now, you’ve seen a dramatic reduction in workflow, tamed your data sprawl, and can keep track of all of your client communication. You intend to continue to use the technology to empower your team, streamline workflow processes, and manage the vast amount of data you create daily, ultimately ensuring the highest standard of safety and quality. That’s what happens when you let the platform do the work.

Industry Pharmaceutical, Healthcare
Location Aachen, Germany

Fellow Consulting AG is headquartered in Poing near Munich and operates worldwide as solutions provider for CRM consulting and implementation services.

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