Video Q&A: SugarCRM’s Clint Oram Discusses the Future of CRM and Marketing Best Practices with Martech Advisor

(Editor’s note: the following videos originally appeared on Martech Advisor)

Recently, SugarCRM co-founder and CMO Clint Oram sat down with Martech Advisor for a two part interview about the disconnect between the promise and the reality of CRM. He elaborates on his objective of changing the reputation of CRM and bringing the focus back to the ‘relationship’ part in CRM while actualizing buzzwords like CX, Journey Mapping, engagement into reality.

In part two, Clint discussed why marketers need to share his passion for translating technology to the layman to overcome the vicious cycle of being data-rich yet insight poor. Watch why he thinks it’s important for marketers to swim in data before surfing in it, among other skills for success. Enjoy:

Part One:

Part Two: