The Disruption Series, Part Four: Act-On

We are in the era of digital disruption and it’s not just about companies like Uber and Airbnb. Organizations in every industry, because of the ridiculously fast pace of technology innovation, are dealing with disruption. They must develop digital transformation strategies that focus on utilizing new technologies and business models to more effectively engage with customers at every touchpoint.

Furthermore, there is clear evidence that companies that embrace digital transformation and offer a superior customer experiences are outperforming their competition in terms of attaining and retaining customers.

Part four of this series is for the marketing teams out there. SugarCRM’s Martin Schneider recently sat down with Doug Rickard, Act-On’s Channel Manager. Act-On’s marketing automation platform seamlessly integrates with Sugar makes it easier for marketing to deliver more highly qualified, sales-ready leads to the sales team. Martin and Doug discussed how Act-On and Sugar work together to disrupt the competition.