SugarCon 2017 App Throwdown winner: Intelestream Makes a Splash

(Editor’s note: the following is a guest blog post from Jennifer Karpus-Romain, the director of marketing at Intelestream

Humans love games. We love to watch them, and we love to play them. The more a job or task feels like a game, the more we enjoy doing it. Gamification not only increases worker productivity and performance, but it can even boost job satisfaction.

Intelestream’s Splash gamification platform for SugarCRM, recently named the overall winner of the App Throwdown at SugarCon, introduces game-like mechanics into your CRM, inspiring employees to be more curious, detail-driven, and competitive. But how does Splash accomplish this? With Splash, Sugar customers:

  • Supercharge their CRM strategy, boost engagement, user adoption, and revenue through gamification.
  • Engage and motivate your employees and transform “boring” tasks with challenges, badges, and prizes.
  • Drive measurable results with gamification and create powerful incentives to improve KPIs.

During SugarCon, Intelestream’s team spoke to attendees about Splash. Not surprisingly, customers talked about their CRM user adoption challenges and strategies throughout the conference. Splash’s powerful technology offers SugarCRM users a much-needed solution, helping executives and managers incentivize behaviors that will increase revenues and improve KPIs, while also encouraging CRM user adoption.

By the time SugarCon the App Throwdown was commencing, Jason Green, Intelestream’s founder and managing partner, was ready to amp up the crowd with his gameshow-esque showmanship. His energy, coupled with Splash’s results, ended with Intelestream earning the Ultimate Superpower bragging rights for the next year.

Interested in learning more about Splash? Learn more here.