Sugar On-Demand: Enhanced Self-Service Portal

Starting in late November, qualifying Sugar On-Demand instances will be treated to a set of enhancements that makes Sugar even more effective and easier to use.

Chief among these is an enhanced, next-generation Customer Self-Service Portal. A new user experience makes the portal easier to use and more efficient for customers seeking answers rapidly and managing inquiries across the enterprise. Notes and attachments can be appended to support cases, and Sugar has added configuration options for a more tailored portal experience.Syncing is no longer necessary thanks to faster updates with support for real-time changes. The new Customer Self-Service Portal is available exclusively in Sugar Enterprise and Sugar Ultimate editions.

Other enhancements will make it easier for customer-facing to do their jobs. Instead of manually transferring information from Sugar to a separate document, the new PDF Manager gives you the ability to create printable business documents directly from any Sugar module. You can download or email that document from within Sugar, and templates allow you to quickly put that data into a clear and coherent format. The manager includes templates for quotes and invoices, and an HTML editor allows custom templates to be created quickly and easily.

When it comes to scheduling, Sugar never stops trying to enhance this key aspect of CRM. Now, you can schedule recurring meetings and calls from the Calls, Meetings, and Calendar modules, and it’s now possible to search by accounts for contacts and leads.

These features will be made available to Sugar On-Site customers in a comprehensive release currently planned for mid-2013.

To learn more about the updates, see the release notes available from the Sugar Documentation page. A list of issues and requests addressed by these enhancements can be found in the Bug Tracker.

  • PDF Manager
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Sugar 6.6
  • Sugar On-Demand