How Sugar addresses your biggest sales challenges (Part 2)

Each year, it feels like sales leaders face a new host of challenges as they must navigate people, processes, and technology to meet their goals. Modern CRM is designed to help businesses overcome some of these challenges. For example, CRM helps organizations gain a holistic view of their business, uncover actionable data, and generate accurate pipeline reports.

In part one of this post, we took a look at how Sugar helps organizations solve some of the key challenges facing their sales organization. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into four more challenges, and how Sugar can help:

We need to increase upsell revenue – With Sugar, you will uncover up-sell and cross-sell opportunities within your existing customer base by better capturing their needs, understanding previous purchase history, and analyzing future potential. You can map this information to your product or service catalog to run targeted promotions and expand your product footprint at the customer. Sales reps can now offer more relevant products and services to your customers that have a higher chance of conversion and additional sales revenue.

Reps are not using the CRM on the road – Sugar’s best-in-class mobile CRM app helps employees be productive and stay engaged while away from their desk. While on the road, users can access all of their data to stay on top of every deal, look up or update information, and never miss a moment to engage with customers. Furthermore, organizations are using SugarCRM’s mobile SDK as a catalyst to change their mobile CRM strategy. They finding it allows them to easily enhance the Sugar mobile app to make it unique to their business unique their business.

The quoting process is too slow – Sugar’s new quote-generation and management feature offers drag-and-drop line-item reordering, click-to-group, and new quote export capabilities. Users can export a quote PDF directly from the related opportunity record, saving time. As negotiations unfold, you can stay use the feature to quickly iterate and version your quotes.

We are drowning in manual data entry – Alleviate your pain with SugarCRM Hint. Our flagship relationship intelligence product means less time on data entry, research and maintenance. By simply entering a name and an email address, the Hint relationship intelligence service augments your records by pulling in the latest contact, company and social network information and syncs that data with the CRM back into the system.

It’s important to remember CRM software is just a tool. You can’t simply throw technology at your most pressing problems (not yet anyway). Instead, a successful CRM rollout requires a thoughtful, well-planned implementation. For more about how Sugar can help address your biggest challenges, check out our new product page.