What You Can Achieve With a Manufacturing CRM

The manufacturing industry sure isn’t what it used to be. The days of focusing solely on interactions with retailers or distributors are long gone. Today’s most successful manufacturers understand that it’s time to embrace the new digital era—one where a never-ending array of technology advancements put you closer to your end customer than ever before.

Webinar for Manufacturers

This means it’s no longer enough to simply produce great product. If you’re not at least thinking about opportunities around servitization, direct-to-consumer relationships, and other trends, you may be at risk of falling behind.

Staying competitive is no easy feat. The landscape is riddled with challenges, and identifying the best strategies for your brand can be a big undertaking.

That’s what our latest webinar is for.

In SugarCRM’s new on-demand resource, A Manufacturer’s Guide to CRM, top CRM specialists discuss new industry trends and tips manufacturing companies can use to reach the next level of growth. This deep-dive webinar workshop covers:

  • What successful manufacturers are doing to differentiate and engage with customers
  • Why servitization is becoming essential for growth
  • How the right CRM technology can be used to customize experiences and transform your business
  • Plus much more

You’ll hear real stories of how manufacturers are using customer relationship management tools to overcome big challenges, plus ideas you can start using today to get ahead of the competition. View the on-demand webinar >>.