It’s National Customer Service Week!

Many studies have shown that providing the best customer experience impacts your top line. Customers buy more, and renew more often, if they feel they have they received a great experience. It’s simply not enough to have the best product in your already crowded marketplace. A great customer experience that augments your product is now a must.

Customer experience spans the entire buyer journey from pre-sale to post-sale; the most profound impact on customer experience is in the latter stage. This is where the customer service and support teams work with customers to make them successful and obtain value from your product.

Today, there is a wealth of innovation in many industries. However, innovation without adoption is meaningless. This is where customer-facing personnel make the most impact. They take the innovation and ensure it gets applied to the customer, so they can get the most value. If not for their tireless efforts, many innovations would not have matured and become mainstream.

The first week of October is Customer Service Week. It’s a celebration of all front-line, customer-facing personnel.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate all our customer facing personnel. They might be in your call centers, customer support, technical support, customer success or professional services teams Wherever they may be, let’s acknowledge them for all their efforts.

Designers, engineers, and innovators build the product or create a new service for customers, but it’s the customer professionals who take it to a stage where their customers obtain value. If you are in an organization that relies on customer-facing personnel, you might want to reach out to them, send a message to the support team or better yet, meet them face to face – and say “Thank you.”

Have a happy Customer Service Week. Serve well!

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Deepak Deolalikar