How the World Trade Centers Association Streamlined Business Operations With CRM

(Editor’s Note: the following is a guest post from Kinear Young, the Member Information Manager at World Trade Center Associations. Kinear wrote this post for Upshot, a place for Sugar Insiders to tell their stories).

When I was drafting our CRM proposal, one path was a completely custom-built solution. But to build a solution from scratch would be a huge undertaking in terms of funds and time. WTCA didn’t have either approved for this project.

Another option was to go with an out-of-the-box solution. There were a lot of bells and whistles that came with the big CRM players—but frankly, we didn’t need them.

Instead, we went back to a familiar name. Our team already had been somewhat accustomed to a mid-sized software—SugarCRM—which had been previously implemented. But the timing just wasn’t right for it to take off. Now, though, the appetite existed at WTCA for a solution like this. We wanted to start small and then scale larger in the future.