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Can you still hear the doom calls? For a perceived eternity mild sentimental mood haunts by the German companies, if the language comes in five letters – the speech is of course the DSGVO, the coming Data Protection Regulation. Threatening penalties and the mammoth task of data cleansing make many voices groan in all industries. Yes, the deadline of May 25 is coming soon and yes, there is a lot to do, but that is no reason to fall into “pure horror”, as do parts of the economy according to this FAZ article .

The GDPR is a good thing, not just for the citizens, who get much more control over their personal data and transparency about what happens to it. Even companies have the unique opportunity to clean up their databases and to modernize the internal and external data processes from scratch. And while you’re at it, these measures can also help you to improve customer communication enormously. Together with customer experience expert Phil Winters, we have summarized the steps you have taken in a handy practical guide and conducted an interview with Phil for the most important highlights on the topic . Take a look inside!

you are not alone

This change of perspective on the regulation is a first, very important step. Nevertheless, the implementation of the requirements remains a highly complex matter. It starts with the legal foundations, which must be correctly interpreted and put into practice – for example, the appointment of a data protection officer. Then the required measures and procedures must be technically and organizationally implemented in the company – a Herculean task for IT and the relevant departments. Of these, virtually anyone who collects and processes internal or external personal information in the company – HR, Finance, Customer Service and Support – is at the top of the list: Marketing and Sales.

In other words, large parts of the environment must be looked at very carefully and possibly profoundly changed – in addition to the regular daily business. That is hardly possible on its own. Especially in the middle class – but also in many large global companies – it simply lacks the resources and the know-how to implement everything in a timely and accurate manner.

Good that they are not alone! There are a number of specialists who can do just that for you.

It starts with legal experts who know exactly what the regulation requires and can give an accurate assessment of where there is still a need for action. It continues with consultants who have both the bird’s eye view and experience as well as the detailed knowledge to help you to transfer the identified construction sites into a tailor-made strategy for your company.

Finally, he takes the big step from evaluation and planning to practice. The CRM as a hub of almost all personal data of customers in the company is particularly important. In its central position with connections to almost all internal and external data sources, it is the perfect place to map the necessary processes in a concrete and comprehensive manner and to use this process at the same time for data cleansing and consolidation. Because the DSGVO is an excellent opportunity to bring the often stepmotherly treated records finally up to date. In addition, the regulation also requires a new form of customer approach. Again, there are customer journey experts like Phil Winters and SugarCRM, who can help you with this. It is of course also important that beyond the 25. May the customer approach and bond is right. In addition to the core CRM, aspects such as a preference center and marketing automation functions in accordance with the GDPR are necessary.

Allow your taskforce

Now you may be wondering where to find these experts? Then we have good news for you: we have gathered them all together in one place and offer you the opportunity to spend a morning learning everything that marketing and sales decision makers need to know about the GDPR and a better customer approach.

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