SugarCRM and The Value of a Flexible, Intuitive Platform

For people marketing some CRM tools, the job is easy. Well, easier, because most of the established CRM tools were purpose built around what we thought it meant to empower sales, marketing and support agents.

In a lot of ways, this made sense. We tried to hit as many business needs out of the box, and the rest was up to expensive consulting engagements and professional services projects to make a reality.

This is, pardon my French, a really crappy way of building software.

Here at SugarCRM, we have learned from the past mistakes of the application software industry in a lot of ways. Instead of playing “feature wars” with our competitors and thus overwhelming users with a ton of bells and whistles they may (or may not) really need – we are instead creating a highly intuitive platform for building applications they way YOU want to.

This is, really, a fundamental change. Out of the box software was very feature-driven in the past. Now, we want to give businesses tools to easily and quickly morph a blank canvas into a masterpiece of automation and information for their users.

I was reminded of this vision by a great example of how Sugar can be used for virtually anything. Barrett Powell uses Sugar to manage his Real Estate business – not his sales agents or contact center reps. Powell has flexed the Sugar platform to meet his unique processes, and integrated data and features from other systems, creating a very specialized deployment of Sugar that fits his needs perfectly.

For some users, straight SFA features will be perfect. For others, taking the tools we provide and quickly creating a new interaction platform is what makes sense. The best part is that regardless of the project – Sugar offers real value and benefits for the most simple, to the most sophisticated application deployment.

2 thoughts on “SugarCRM and The Value of a Flexible, Intuitive Platform

  1. Thanks for the mention Martin.
    This is a testament to the ease of use and customization of a platform like SugarCRM. So many users like me, not developers, have taken SugarCRM and made it their own, giving them the competitive advantage needed today.

    That little customization I did 4 years ago with SugarCRM prompted me to help spread the word about SugarCRM and assist others with their SugarCRM implementations. About 9 months ago I joined DynPro, a SugarCRM Silver Partner as VP of Business Development. I am still involved in Real-Estate, but I now spend 3 days a week working with companies across the U.S. with SugarCRM.

    It was a pleasure meeting you at the SugarCRM Kick-Off meeting last month. Enjoyed the event and the company party. What a great time!
    Barrett Powell
    PS – The house band wasn’t bad either.

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