Monitor Marketing, Sales and Customer Support Metrics Like Never Before

Sugar dashboards and reports are built to give you the most accurate, up-to-date insights on leads, opportunities, support cases, and more. Our intuitive customer experience dashboards and easy-to-customize reports have been designed to ensure you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your customers and accounts. Strengthen existing relationships and build new ones, from one extraordinary customer experience to another.

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Monitor key performance indicators across Marketing, Sales and Customer Service, and track changes in real time.

Inform Better Decisions Icon | CX Dashboards & Reports | SugarCRM Inform Better Decisions

Easily extract the exact information you need with customized settings, views and advanced filtering.

Customize With Confidence Icon | CX Dashboards & Reports | SugarCRM Customize with Confidence

Tailor reports and dashboards to fit your needs at any time.

What can you do with Sugar’s real-time CX dashboards and reports?

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Act quickly with real-time insights

Minimize response rates by viewing new information as it happens with real-time dashboards and reports. Whether you want to analyze sales trends, view customer support metrics, or see a snapshot of customer profiles, you can get the latest insights without having to rely on administrators. Quickly dive into the latest dashboard data based on attributes like industry and geography to monitor how your customer base is changing over time.

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Get the exact reports you need

Easily customize charts and reports based on the information that matters most to you, and filter as needed to analyze performance. Users can personalize dashboards to see critical insights at a glance, and customize dashboard settings to display data in a variety of formats. It’s your CRM reporting, done your way.

Manage and Monitor With Ease Graphic | CX Dashboards & Reports | SugarCRM
Manage and monitor with ease

Build consistent customer experiences and better anticipate business outcomes with the ability to monitor anything from individual or team performance to how customer cases are progressing. Advanced features make it easy to automate the process of consolidating data from various teams into one cohesive report.

Go Even Further with Sugar Discover Graphic | CX Dashboards & Reports | SugarCRM
Go even further with Predictive Forecasting

When you’re ready for more insight, Predictive Forecasting’s unique time-aware analytics tracks in-depth metrics and KPIs—proactively alerting users when new issues or opportunities arise. This exclusive, automated analysis is completely hands-free and highly effective. It’ll take your CRM data to a whole new level, enabling you to answer the most elusive questions about your business. Your teams will spend more time in meaningful engagement with customers than digging through data.

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