Season 1  |  Episode 4

From Growth Guru to Category Creator

Jordan Peace co-founded a lifestyle benefits company called Fringe. At its inception, the "lifestyle benefits" category did not exist.

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Jordan Peace co-founded a lifestyle benefits company called Fringe. At its inception, the “lifestyle benefits” category did not exist.

On this episode of the Fuel Growth Podcast, Jordan shares how through hard work, collaboration, a product-marketing fit, and savvy business decisions, Fringe found a foothold to achieve extraordinary growth via inbound marketing. By placing emphasis on employee wellness and the freedom of choice, the company was able to further develop the lifestyle benefits industry and grow from a team of seven to a team of 62 over the course of just two years.

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Jordan Peace Co-Founder and CEO of Fringe

Jordan Peace is CEO of Fringe, a lifestyle benefits company. Hailing from the world of financial planning, Jordan co-founded Fringe in 2018 after realizing that most people - especially Millennials - simply don’t understand their company’s corporate benefits. Along with four close college friends, Jordan created Fringe as a way to turn corporate benefits into a language that anyone can speak. He was previously the Founder & Chief Experience Officer of Greenhouse Money, and a Financial Advisor with Northwestern Mutual. Jordan lives in Richmond, Virginia with his wife and 4 kids, with a 5th on the way. His favorite Fringe benefit is Sunday.


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