Quote Management

Create quotes quickly and easily streamline your sales cycle and increase deal velocity.

CRM Reporting & Dashboards

Monitor your marketing, sales and customer support metrics with Sugar Dashboards. Use Sugar Reports to turn your data into insights. Manage existing relationships better and build new ones - one customer at a time.


Increase visibility and predictability into your overall business performance. Sugar’s Forecasting is designed for the individual user as much as for the decision maker.

​Advanced Workflow

Increase efficiency and productivity across the organization with an enterprise level business process automation toolset designed to automate critical customer-facing processes.

Customization and Configuration

No business is the same, yet each can benefit from using Sugar. Customize and configure Sugar to meet your specific business needs.


Maximize productivity with access to Sugar optimized for all of the handheld devices you use every day. Maintain productivity while on the road, with or without connectivity. Configure the mobile experience to match your individual business needs and branding. Provide all of these benefits to every individual in your business free of charge.

CRM Campaign Management

Enhance your marketing and sales initiatives with Sugar. Create, execute and track campaigns across multiple channels. Develop compelling email marketing programs and easily capture leads from your website.

CRM Deployment Options

Experience more choice and control with multiple deployment options. With Sugar you can ensure that your business is not only successful today, but prepared for the change that may impact your business tomorrow.

Multilingual and Multicurrency Support

Sugar supports more than 30 languages out of the box and provides a framework to add more.

​CRM for Project Management

Build and manage Projects across Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support. Streamline the tasks necessary to get the job done.

Teams, Roles and Security

Mitigate security concerns and reduce risks for your business with appropriate security policies. Ensure each user gets access to only the relevant customer data and information as tied to their job roles.

Case Management and Bug Tracking

Unlike other major CRM products, Sugar offers support, sales and marketing capabilities all in one package. Make it easy for your users to present a unified view of your organization to your customers. Empower your support team to better manage customer support requests through streamlined information sharing and case routing.

Self-Service Portal

Sugar’s Self-Service Portal enables quicker time to resolution and reduces overall case load, by allowing individuals to create cases, update their account information, search the knowledge base, and track bugs to resolution.

Knowledge Base

Provide exceptional customer care experience when you make it easy for your customers to find relevant answers quickly. Improve productivity of your customer support team.

Email and Calendar Integration

Sugar makes it easy for you to track customer emails, manage appointments and keep your calendars in sync. Be more productive and focus on what matters most - your customers.