Use Cases for the ChatGPT Integration for SugarCRM

Leveraging AI in your workplace daily routine is growing in popularity. And for a good reason. It not only eases the day-to-day challenges employees face, but it also can give you new perspectives on age-old struggles or issues.
Recently, we saw the opportunity and partnered with Kinamu to integrate ChatGPT with Sugar, to make things even easier for our customers. Right now, you can use the Module context to generate context-related responses within the following Sugar Modules: Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Meeting, Calls, Tasks, Notes, and E-Mail. Let’s see what are the use cases and benefits of our integration.

Use Cases for the Meetings Module

You can use the ChatGPT integration with Sugar within the Meetings module to quickly write meeting invitations. The integration will analyze the context of your meeting details, and generate text accordingly. For example, you can write keyword-based (or not) prompts, with or without contextualization.

Prompt: record Compose an invitation to a meeting about this topic and the discussion of the API Reference.

In the example above, the keyword is “record,” and the model will generate contextualized text based on the data available within the given record. However, you can use the model without contextualization. This will return a text with fewer details.

Use Cases for the Knowledge Base

Kinamu’s integration for Sugar can also be used with success to add new articles to your Knowledge Base. Within this module, there is no need to use a keyword for the prompt, but ensure that you offer as many details as possible. For example:

Prompt: Compose a detailed Sugar Knowledge Base article that explains the steps to change the preferred currency in a user’s profile, allowing them to view and transact in their desired currency.

Use Cases for the Calls Module

The Calls module allows users to generate transcripts of any given calls they may have. In such cases, you can use the integration to easily summarize the transcripts generated. This will make information easier to navigate and will offer quick access to more context of any of your calls.

The prompt for this uses a keyword, which in our case is “record”. So, the prompt will read: record Summarize the Internal Notes of this call. Then, you’ll be provided with a compressed, context-rich text that only reads a couple of phrases you can use in various future interactions with the customer or your team.

Use Cases for the Email Module

The applications within the Email module are vast. You can use the AI tool to generate your body of contextualized text, by using or not keywords. Say that you just had a customer interact with one of your support representatives and want to gather feedback. You can prompt the integration to write you the body of the email, but also to translate it in a desired language, let’s say French, because the customer was French-speaking.

In this scenario, two different prompts are required to fulfill the task. First, a prompt without a keyword that will generate the body of your email: Compose an Email including a few survey questions for the user experience while interacting with the customer support representative. Consider using bullet points when needed.

Then, you’ll provide a keyword-based prompt to translate it into French. The keyword in this case is “record”: record Translate the body of this Email into French.

Use Cases for the Chat Module

We also found the integration useful within the SugarCRM Chat. The integration is conversational and, like the original ChatGPT app, can answer all your questions!

If you’re wondering how to say hello in German, you can quickly ask for the ChatGPT integration. Just like ChatGpt, our AI model features large language models that can generate the desired prompts.

Or, if you need a simpler synonym for a fancy corporate acronym, our AI assistant can now offer you several alternatives! In this case, the prompts are not keyword-based. Ask the SugarCRM Chat from your Sugar Dashboard anything you need to know!

Closing Thoughts

The applications of AI are limitless and we are pioneering a new way to interact with your preferred CRM tool. If you want to get more insights into our collaboration with Kinamu and the potential our integration has, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Or, if you want to learn more about the potential use of AI in the sales world, check out our recent blog, “What Does ChatGPT Mean for the World of Sales?”.

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