This is Why I Love SugarCon

Throughout the summer, the SugarCRM team has been telling you why SugarCon is a great event. We’re not the only ones who think so. We reached out to a few customers and partners who’ve been to the show in the past and simply asked: “Why do you go to SugarCon?”

While numerous folks told us they love the networking, track sessions, keynotes and the parties; here are some of the better responses from our own our attendees own words (lightly edited for clarity):

“Getting a first-hand looking at SugarCRM’s future product roadmap is essential to our CRM strategy. I also looking forward to learning from peers about best practices, getting first hand support from the support team, and meeting our partners.”

Avi Bar, national sales manager, ASI Group

“I love to meet with the people from SugarCRM engineering team that have created Sugar so I can hear directly from them about the future possibilities of the product.”

Ram Kumar, senior solutions architect, Bhea Technologies Pte Ltd

“I love attending SugarCon because I get to network with other Sugar Users, meet SugarCRM partners, and see how extensive the Sugar ecosystem really is!”

Katie Liesmann, marketing coordinator, Epicom

“As an attendee I can take a Sugar ‘factory tour’, accessing processes, support and training teams, and learning all about what is next for SugarCRM customers – straight from the source. SugarCon provides training by the best teachers at SugarCRM in areas I may not have a full grasp of, or simply want to know more about. Finally, I enjoy seeing the various ways SugarCRM is used – and by whom.”

Missy Brooks, CRM Administrator, Milsoft Utility Solutions

“I love the way SugarCon livens-up the event with a clever vibe and smart content that attendees can see immediate benefit from.”

Dawn Redecki, director, sales enablement, Trustsphere

“Meeting face-to-face with customers and the Sugar employees I work with and talk to on the phone every day.”

Molly Anderson, sales manager, TechAdvisors

“As a new SugarCRM partner, sponsoring SugarCon was a great way to accelerate our business. Within weeks of the event, we had a positive ROI.”

Jared Fuller, vice president of sales, PandaDoc

“It’s the best chance to all year to meet other SugarCRM partners. We have a great time together.”

Joakim Norlinder, CTO, DRI Nordic

“The time spent with other developers and the SugarCRM engineers provides great value.”

Clint Parsley, senior partner, Kolbe Corp

Simply put, if you use Sugar and care about building better business relationships, attending SugarCon is a must. The event will take place September 25-28, 2017 in San Francisco at the Hilton Union Square. For additional information, to view the agenda or to register, please visit the SugarCon website.