Sell Smarter. Grow Faster: SugarCRM Acquires sales-i

Sell Smarter. Grow Faster: SugarCRM Acquires sales-i

We are thrilled to announce that SugarCRM has recently acquired sales-i, a leading provider of revenue intelligence solution that helps businesses maximize their revenue and profitability. This acquisition represents a major achievement for us and comes nearly a year after Sugar announced a partnership with sales-i to improve business-to-business (B2B) sales performance by delivering AI-powered revenue intelligence that leverages the data of a business’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and CRM. This combination provides businesses with actionable insights that improve sales, marketing, service and support, resulting in greater revenue and higher retention levels.

“The current business focus on margin and the increasing adoption of subscription and usage-based pricing models are changing the economics of business. Relying only on CRM data sells account management short. Upselling and cross selling to the same customers is more profitable than finding and selling to new customers, but it requires a fuller understanding your customer gained from building and sustaining a long-term relationship.  

This new announcement from SugarCRM seeks to address this need across many types of industries and enterprises.”

Stephen Hurrell, Research Director in the Office of Revenue, Ventana Research (now part of ISG)

What we'll Cover:

    SugarCRM & sales-i: Maximum Sales Performance

    While many businesses have plenty of data, the challenge is sifting through large volumes of it to pinpoint cross-sell, up-sell, or link-sell opportunities for sellers to mobilize.

    To address the challenge, the Sugar and sales-i solution provides unprecedented visibility into sales, product and customer insights, delivering them as actionable insights into the hands of sellers from within CRM so that businesses can drive increased revenue, more effective salespeople, and customer retention.

    “The great part about sales-i for SugarCRM is that we saw immediate value and it only took about a month to implement.”

    Aadil A., CRM and Marketing Automation Manager, EIS Inc.

    Automate & Accelerate

    By combining the power of sales-i and Sugar, sales teams can focus on what they do best: selling. Sellers get a comprehensive view of each customer’s journey by harnessing AI to seamlessly integrate ERP data with customer interactions. With real-time access to inventory levels, purchase history, and financial data, sales-i and Sugar can help you streamline sales processes, reduce cycle times, and increase overall.

    Sell Smarter. Grow Faster: SugarCRM Acquires sales-i

    “I am delighted that SugarCRM and sales-i have forged a partnership, and this best of both worlds solution will take our sales performance to the next level.”

    Beth F., EVP, FSIoffice

    Find Out More

    We couldn’t be more excited about sales-i joining SugarCRM and are committed to deepening the integration further. To learn more about what this acquisition means for SugarCRM and our customers, join our webinar and see how you can unlock the full potential of ERP transactional data to foster new opportunities and boost revenue with Sugar and sales-i.

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