How to Streamline CX in Manufacturing

How to Streamline CX in Manufacturing

Most companies are judged on the customer experiences they provide. Creating meaningful connections with customers is the key component of success and the pillar of driving revenue. The manufacturing industry makes no exception. As one of the essential transforming goods industries, it experienced severe disruption during the pandemic mainly because of the multiple supply chain challenges.

When you are a leading global manufacturer of packing materials and fine paper, working directly with hundreds of corporate customers across 80 countries, you must take the step forward to digitalization to increase productivity, decrease costs, and withstand future disruptions. Our customer works with clients from healthcare institutions that rely on its special medical packing paper to keep medical devices sterile to educators using bright-colored cardstock to promote classroom learning.

Finding the best CX solution to support our customer’s unique needs was not easy. The problems they struggled with were very different and touched multiple departments. The biggest challenge was getting all their teams into one place. What can Sugar do to make things happen? Let’s see what difficulties stood in their way:

1. Traveling sales agents were struggling to make updates on the go. Sugar helped create an ideal cloud-based solution, enabling agents to access critical data no matter where they go, which devices they use, or even if they have an internet connection. SugarCloud keeps everything running smoothly, and there are virtually no limits to what Neenah can achieve for their customers.

a cloud-based solution enables agents to access critical data no matter where they go2. Marketers are confined mainly to the sidelines, barely interfering with sales processes. Working with hundreds of corporate clients worldwide, Neenah needed to automate campaigns easily and increase digital engagement to maintain meaningful connections with key targets. So, they called for a platform that sends highly targeted emails. And because it can easily be integrated with the CRM, Sugar Market puts insights at sales’ fingertips so they can follow up quickly and purposefully.

3. Siloed data makes it hard to access customer information across the organization. Put your data in one place, and you get valuable insights that would help customers do even more with your products. This is now possible with all within one streamlined platform designed to give each customer a complete picture, minus the hassles and headaches. With Sugar Sell, Neenah has access to all the right data at just the right time to easily anticipate and meet customer needs—often before they even realize they have them. Sugar Hint takes the guesswork out and provides actionable insights delivered on-demand to eliminate time-consuming research and manual data entry.

Sugar Hint takes the guesswork out and provides actionable insights delivered on-demand to eliminate time-consuming research and manual data entry.

Besides, the platform adoption is no problem at all, thanks to the standard level of support from Sugar’s technical team.

Closing Thoughts

Being successful means delivering great customer experiences (CX). When your CRM adapts to your industry, it works with you, not against you, making it easier to achieve your business goals and exceed customer expectations.

Neenah managed to take advantage of its internal systems, contacts, and marketing capabilities despite all the challenges. They are looking ahead, expecting Sugar’s ongoing enhancements to overcome any unpredictable shifts in the customer experience landscape.

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