Nurturing: The Undiscovered Treasure of the Staffing Realm

The whole ‘Superman of staffing’ is overdone, in our opinion. Why not turn to a relatable hero—garnered in his sand-colored clothes with a fedora atop his head and a whip in hand—why not turn to Indiana Jones?

You’ve got the candidates and you’ve got the clients, but being sure that the latter will turn to you when they’re ready for a placement isn’t always a given. That’s why it’s important to remain top-of-mind and be seen as a credible and trustworthy source. It can seem like it requires superpowers and a preternatural awareness of what your clients are thinking at all times, but we’re here as your personal Indiana Jones tour guide to discover the magical treasure that is nurturing. Hang on to your hats!

Nurtures – The Starting Point

Nurtures are an automated series of email campaigns specific to a certain topic or audience. The point of nurture is to deliver personalized and highly-targeted emails to your clients at scale without having to press send on each email. Nurtures can be tailored by industry, company size, needs, interests and more. Now you see the endpoint – “X” marks the spot – but what’s going to convince you to jump over that looming pit of snakes up ahead?

Nurtures – The Value

  1. Credibility: delivering thought-leadership pieces can help you build credibility and trust among your clients, helping them see you as a valuable resource of information.
  2. Awareness: remain top-of-mind with clients so that when a placement need arises, you’re the first to pop into mind.
  3. Value: retain relationships with your clients by maintaining communication and creating a valuable customer experience.

Now you’re convinced! You’re dodging a swinging axe as we speak, but there is sheer determination in your narrowed eyes.

Nurtures – The Discovery

You’ve got your hands on the treasure and you are seeing its indisputable value. But how to get it home safely? Nurtures coupled with valuable marketing data, such as how a client interacts with your website or emails, can help you to create personalized messages at scale that help you remain top-of-mind with clients. Marketing for the recruiting and staffing industry is still a fairly new idea, but maximizing your placement efforts with integrated technologies is quickly becoming the norm. Taking steps—careful steps over shaky ground—to implement marketing programs such as robust nurture campaigns are a sure-fire way to be the hero of your story.

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