Marine Instruments: Optimizing Customer Service

Marine Instruments: Optimizing Customer Service

Customer service was one of Marine Instruments‘ main challenges they wished to overcome when they first contacted SugarCRM. Established in 2003, Marine Instruments is an industry leading company in the development of electronic equipment for the marine environment. The company’s products and activities focus on sustainable fishing supported by innovative solutions and currently operates in more than 30 countries all over the world. With a product and service portfolio in perpetual expansion, it was no surprise that they needed to find a modernized tech solution to combat their operational challenges and bottlenecks.

Marine Instruments: a Powerful Player in the Niche

With a track record of success, Marine Instruments focuses most of their efforts on developing a state-of-the-art R&D department. Currently, the R&D department encompasses 40% of the employees and is attributed with an impressive budget to develop cutting-edge technologies in the niche. With such efforts, it is no wonder the company secured a powerful position in the market. However, operating a similar business model comes with a series of challenges, struggles, and bottlenecks.

The Issue: Poor Data Management

In spite of its strong position in the market, Marine Instruments had one main issue in terms of operational success: poor data management. With siloed data across departments and complex internal processes, the company found it difficult to make data easily accessible across the entire organization. More than this, the customer support department was not fully aware of each customer’s context, situation, and past interactions, which made it challenging to provide the level of customer experience (CX) they aimed to offer. Furthermore, the issue became visible in the Sales department as well: salespeople were not aware of pending incidents and requests. As a result, they were unable to spot possible opportunities.

The lack of a centralized customer view and the heavy presence of siloed, fragmented data made it impossible to run the business as efficiently as desired.

The Solution: redk and SugarCRM, Redefining Business Processes

To solve these struggles, Marine Instruments contacted redk, a SugarCRM reseller. After objectively assessing the company’s profile and operations, our long-term reseller identified the challenges and offered suitable solutions. The first move was to establish a standardized and centralized procedure to streamline the interdepartmental flow of information. To this end, the consulting firm suggested implementing the SugarCRM solution.

“redk helped us design and define the customer lifecycle by implementing a solution based on SugarCRM that covered the defined processes and structured all the data involved.”
Commercial Director, Marine Instruments

The Outcomes

Because of SugarCRM’s incredible flexibility and customization potential, Marine Instruments implementation went by quickly which allowed them to quickly start to enjoy a centralized, transparent, and real-time access to the existing customer portfolio to all parties involved. Today, all departments within the company share a unified view of the customer and have more context into interactions, accurate forecasting, and pattern recognition, which helps them accelerate their efforts at an organizational level, paving the way to efficient and sustainable business growth.

Want to learn more about how Marine Instruments took their business operations up a notch with SugarCRM? Download our case study here.

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