Picture this… you´re the world leader for the development and the production of electronic equipment that resist the harsh conditions of the marine environment. You operate in 30 countries and have been committed to constant innovation and cutting-edge technologies for over 15 years.  

But you handle customer data in a decentralized way, storing information in isolated silos. Your sales team does not have full access to information on incidents and pending requests handled by the customer service department. The situation prevents your sales team from approaching existing customers with tailormade offers and from signing new framework contracts. Ultimately, the absence of an internal system to share customer data in real time is taking a toll on the firm’s growth potential.  

So, you turn to SugarCRM. You select the customer service platform Sugar Serve and can now access the customer portfolio through a unified interface. and a smooth information flow between the different divisions. As a result, all teams can now rely on a centralized structure that offers better visibility.  Meanwhile,  the exchange of information in real time allows sales executives to approach customers proactively and take advantage of possible synergies. 

Now, you can better monitor your internal processes, improve your SLA management and simplify your business planning for the short, medium and long term. You also secure a positive customer experience and pave the way for an impressive growth trajectory to continue. 

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