Make the Hard Things Easy with Sugar

Make the Hard Things Easy with Sugar

With 64% of companies considering CRM technology to be either impactful, CRM has become critical as it empowers companies with a unified and clear customer view. It also allows everyone involved in business development efforts to know where a prospect stands in real-time.

Last year’s pandemic only accelerated CRM demand significantly, as companies needed a new way to connect with clients in a digital age. 

Nevertheless, data from our CRM and Sales Impact Report shows there is plenty of room for improvement:  

  • 52% of sales leaders say their CRM is costing them revenue
  • 54% time spent by sales reps actually selling
  • 50% of sales leaders have difficulties accessing customer data across systems 

These statistics mean that many CRMs require manual data entry from them to be useful or offer little functionality to actually get the job done.

Another consequence is low adoption rates as people spend too much time trying to understand the value of the new solution and aligning the platform with their daily processes.

Likewise, missing or incomplete information in customers’ databases leads to lost deals or inefficiency in customer service.

incomplete database leads to lost deals

With these CRM shortcomings in mind, we figured there had to be a better way, so we created one ourselves!

We’re Here to Make the Hard Things Easier 

With SugarCRM, marketing, sales, and service teams finally get a clear picture of each customer’s journey without getting all the headaches and hassles of managing traditional CRMs. Not only does every team get access to the right information, but Sugar enables CRM products and services to deliver high definition customer experiences (HD-CX).

Through next-generation automation, Sugar helps you get more insights while doing less work. Besides, you’ll be able to grow and evolve your business without outgrowing your CRM.

To our customers’ best advantage, we let the platform do the work, and that means three things:

  • #1 No blind spots–as you can instantly see all the relevant information, including past, present, and even future (with predictive insights)
  • #2 No busy work–as you get a platform that automatically captures data and presents it in context to everyone who needs it
  • #3 No roadblocks–because you get a platform built around your needs and workflows and not a standard solution.

How the Sugar Platform Does the Work

To deliver an optimized CRM, we built our platform with our customers in mind. Some of the key features we especially take pride in are:

  • Time-Aware—captures a complete historical record of every change event in the customer journey to help you identify at-risk accounts before they have a chance to churn.
  • Comprehensive Configuration and APIs—for deep functional access and multi-level customization to see value immediately because users’ work environment does not completely change.
  • Robust Cloud Infrastructure—for scalability, global reach, and tight security combined.
  • Omnichannel Communications—as it provides voice and chat communications into CRM applications.
  • AI-Powered Predictions—enables highly accurate, data-backed predictions about customers and alerts the people who need to know right away if a customer is more likely to convert or churn. 

We built a platform that enables you to access customer data in a single view across all functions and aspects of your business. If you would like to learn more about what Sugar can do for your company, take a look at our infographic

access customer data in a single view

Closing Thoughts

Technology is now embedded in our professional lives, but we need to make sure it works to our advantage, not the other way around.

With 74% of companies saying that converting leads into customers is their top priority, you need to eliminate the gap in customer data and the lack of insight that prevents sales and business leaders from acquiring the information they need to make vital strategic and tactical decisions.

You are not alone! Our consultants, implementers, and support agents are here to assist you and provide helpful information. Now, you can finally get on top of it all and just let the platform do the work!

Sarah Friedlander Garcia
Sarah Friedlander Garcia As the Senior Director, Brand & Content Marketing at SugarCRM, Sarah manages a team of talented marketers focused on brand, content strategy, digital asset creation, corporate brand execution, social media, and internal communications. When not living and breathing marketing, Sarah enjoys traveling, baking, performance flute and piccolo and spending time with her family.

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