Human Brains and AI

Human Brains and AI

The human brain is a remarkable machine. Honed and refined over hundreds of millions of years, its architecture and functions still elude scientists and researchers today. Amongst the brain’s scale, power and programming it’s proven remarkably agile in keeping a weak, hairless biped alive amid changing conditions and endless threats. 


Predators and Opportunity   

Human Brains and AIRewind 100,000 years and you’re outside scanning the horizon or in the woods and you spot a darting animal that can be your next meal or a charging animal that wants you to be its next meal. The ability to spot that movement from a complex background of shapes and colors is a highly tuned skill. Compare it with the same scene in which your dinner or your predator lies absolutely still in that complex background. Without movement, it’s incredibly hard to spot your friend or foe. It’s intuitively obvious but in fact, a remarkable skill honed to keep us alive all of these millions of years.  

Fast forward to today where lots of us spend time with our phones, tablets, and laptops staring at information trying to spot that one fact or trend that will help us understand opportunities, threats, or potential actions. In business, it may be in search of a lead that will more likely turn into an opportunity and a closed sale. Or a historically unhappy customer who is considering signing on with another company. Or studying nurture campaign returns to determine what’s the most efficient way to generate leads.  

All of this requires the endless gazing, reporting, and charting of mountains of data with the expectation that a human will find the needed facts and trends. But this flies in the face of our brain’s visual system wiring. It’s like a field or forest of unmoving objects. Yeah, there might be a crouching predator or a great opportunity in your marketplace, but we’re just not wired to spot it.  

And most technology is just making all of this harder. People are adding more information all the time. We’re automating the gathering of data from a growing list of sources. All with the hope of informing an individual, spotting a trend or outlier, and using that information to form an insight that will spur action and success. 


Artificial Intelligence is Fundamental for CRM 

All of this is providing a backdrop as to why the world is turning to artificial intelligence and why SugarCRM is building AI into our platform as a fundamental capability for all of our customers.  

It’s because humans are organically ill-equipped to deal with the information needed to run grow their businesses. And from my time in academia to today, it’s been a challenge that is both technically exciting and a problem that absolutely needs to be solvedThat is, how can people rely on computers to aid in their knowledge and productivity without people having to adapt to how computers work?  

AI was born for a moment like this—to help us comprehend the data that we, in our limited capacity cannot process. Which is why we built SugarPredict—the first AI-powered, time-aware customer experience platform.  


The Power of SugarPredict: Actionable Insight 

Why is SugarPredict such a powerful solution to the market? It’s uniquely capable to provide everyone access to AI insights in their respective roles. To identify insights that are actionable, using goal-specific AI models based on the data within your system, and augmented with secure third-party data. 

Human Brains and AI

For a long time, sales and leaders have been stuck in the doldrums of reports and stagnant in what they can do, focusing on the technology and data rather than what they should be—the customer. With SugarPredict, it just works. Eliminating the need for human data processing, SugarPredict provides actionable insight with exceptional accuracy. 

SugarPredict opens your CRM data to provide insights and actions that haven’t been visible before. It provides consistency and repeatability in the recognition, recommendations, and actions across everyone in your organization. It removes bias and focuses on actual history, events, and industry knowledge to provide guidance to individuals who can then focus on their core skill set of selling, marketing, or providing great customer service. 

Providing AI-powered solutions to every individual in your organization is why SugarPredict is part of SugarCRM’s overall platform design and will be an integral part of every product and service we provide. It’s not science fiction nor is it a toolkit for a small handful of people to construct their own AI adventure. It’s game-changing from everything from lead scoring to sales forecasting. And it’s here. Now. 

Rich Green
Rich Green Rich Green leads SugarCRM’s engineering and product management teams and is responsible for the product vision and global strategy of the award-winning Sugar platform. Rich has more than 25 years of technology experience and has demonstrated success as part of both Fortune 500 and early-stage companies. He joined Sun Microsystems in 1989 where he held a variety of roles, ultimately serving as Executive Vice President of Software. As EVP of Software, he was responsible for Sun’s software products strategy and development, including the acquisition of MySQL, and driving Sun’s product, licensing and support businesses. His tenure also included roles as VP/GM of Solaris and Java, during which he led the invention, marketing and licensing of the enterprise and mobile versions of Java and was responsible for the release of Java as open source technology. After Sun, Green served as CTO of Nokia and Executive Vice President of the consumer and enterprise business at Nuance Communications. He most recently led Products and Technology at an early-stage Internet of Things company bringing connected sensors and data analytics to commercial-scale energy control.

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