Eden Exchange: Creating a Single Source-of-Truth for Sales Teams

Eden Exchange: Creating a Single Source-of-Truth for Sales Teams

It’s now second nature for people to buy and sell items online. But what about businesses? When Raghu Rajakumar looked to exit a business and noticed how fragmented and complex the entire process was, he saw an untapped business opportunity, and how the niche needed a single source-of-truth. This is how Eden Exchange came to life and how today, the Australian company has global offices and partnerships across APAC, India, and the Philippines.

Eden Exchange’s main focus is providing an online ecosystem for business buyers, franchisors, sellers, brokers, and advisors to transact successfully without hassle. However, complex operations require software solutions that streamline and facilitate departmental cooperation. In Eden’s exchange case, the company needed to also streamline their customer’s operations without running into too many technical requirements.

Accelerating Opportunities without the Technical Hassle

As Eden Exchange researched solutions that could integrate with their tools, they found SugarCRM. Now, with the Sugar platform, Eden Exchange can accelerate operations internally and pass the Sugar workflow and functionality to their customers, similar to a white label tool.

Removing Data Silos for Enhanced Customer Experience

Eden Exchange selected Sugar Sell to use it across their sales cycles as part of their collaboration with Sugar. Sugar Sell fit their specific sales automation needs and demands because of its highly flexible and customizable nature. It can follow even complex buying cycles and customer journeys, as in the case of their transactional online ecosystem.

Workflow automation is a big part of this ecosystem, making it easy for Eden Exchange and its customers to swap information and documents. The functionality also extends to Eden’s customers with just a click of a button.

“We had to set up the process flow once, but our thousands of customers just have to click a button.”

– Dhanush G., Managing Director and Co-Owner, Eden Exchange

Without siloed systems and data sources, Eden Exchange can effortlessly handle customer and prospect interactions and successfully provide all the necessary information when inquired.

Besides, Sugar can be quickly integrated with other systems and tools, such as Zapier. This enables the teams at Eden Exchange to track and approach interested buyers and sellers when new leads come in.

“The ability to automate tasks and use process definitions has allowed us to take what was previously a manual task and save our team a lot of admin time that was previously being used.”

– Isabel Dias, Chief of Marketing and Operations, Eden Exchange

Post-Implementation Results: Less Time Spent on Repetitive Tasks

Now, post-implementation, Eden Exchange prides itself on saving hours on repetitive tasks, thanks to workflow automation. With just a click, their collaborators can also deploy Sugar Sell’s functionalities and automation features, helping Eden Exchange deliver higher value to each customer with each interaction.

“We have built our foundation so whatever may come from Sugar’s innovation, we can act as a partner and build off of it. That’s where growth will come from.”

– Dhanush Ganglani, Managing Director & Co-Owner, Eden Exchange

If you’d like to deploy Sugar’s solution and build your own success story, get in touch with us! Or, if you’d like to learn more about Eden Exchange’s story, read our case study here.

Mihaela Chiurtu
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