Picture this…you’re an Australian online ecosystem for people to buy and sell businesses. You’ve grown to thousands of clients, and you have offices and partners across APAC, India, and the Philippines.

But many clients mean lots of data, and if your sales flows aren’t efficient, neither will theirs be. After all, they’re entrepreneurs, not IT experts. You need a CRM — one you can configure to your needs and even integrate with your platform so valuable tools and functionality pass to your clients too.

So, you turn to SugarCRM. Now, with all your data in one system, you can automate processes like lead nurturing and non-disclosure agreement signing. Clients benefit, too, from workflow templates you build in Sugar, helping them track opportunities or view performance in just one click. And with third-party integrations, you can connect apps like Zapier so any data you generate automatically feeds into the same place.

Now, your teams collectively have thousands of hours back to focus on improving the customer experience instead of manually fulfilling sales tasks. You’re also confident in your partnership with Sugar as the foundation of your platform. That means you can look to the future and consider new functionality like AI to help you predict lead performance and suggest more opportunities for sales efficiency.

Industry Business Services and Consulting
Location Australia and New Zealand