Stop wasting time on data entry and dashboards that tell you what you already know — instead of what you need to do.

More than 2 million users in 120 countries have switched to Sugar to fuel extraordinary customer experiences. Why? Only Sugar gives you far more information than you put in. Our intelligent platform aggregates the millions of different data points on your customers and turns them into truths, trends and predictions you can take to the bank. All so your frontline employees can anticipate and act on needs before customers even realize they have them.

Companies switch to Sugar when they want to cultivate customers for life.

Sugar gets timely predictive insights in the hands of the right people, empowering companies to anticipate and fulfill customer needs — before they realise they have them. These businesses are able to create customers for life, and have a sustainable competitive advantage.

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  • 50% ↑ Acquisitions
  • 3x Revenue
  • 15% ↓ Time pulling pipeline updates
  • 139% ↑ ROI
  • 100% User Adoption
  • 2,000 ↓ Data Entry Hours



Sugar automatically captures mission-critical customer information from email, voice, text and other applications, and then augments it with 3rd party data, AI-based predictive insights, and next best action guidance. All with minimal or no data entry. The platform then delivers insights directly to users in-context with what they’re doing. Frontline employees get the exact information they need, right when they need it. And as they do their jobs, the system gets better and better at helping them. It means spending less time entering and retrieving customer information, and more time working with actual customers.



Other platforms patch customer data together from multiple databases by trying to synchronise it between systems, or attempting to merge them into slow, massive data stores. Not Sugar. Our unified customer data model is built on cutting-edge database federation technology that avoids the performance and reliability issues common with other approaches. The result is an end-to-end view of the customer journey, with improved availability, performance, and reliability.



Too many customer experience platforms are built on proprietary clouds, making users completely dependent on their vendors: as a company expands, opportunities are limited to the provider’s ability to scale, adopt new technologies and support additional geographies. Not so at Sugar. We use the most advanced commercial cloud technology available. Our SaaS solutions are built on a truly global infrastructure — one that sets the pace for new and emerging technologies. It’s how we keep you close to customers around the world, and why we’re free to focus on feature updates and functional enhancements — without passing hefty costs on to you.

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We love our customers, and they love us. SugarCRM receives the highest Net Promoter Score across all major CRM vendors.