Sugar is a complete CRM platform that collects every bit of critical information across sales, service and marketing. It easily integrates with any application. And Sugar gives you a personalised user experience that works seamlessly on the devices you use every day.

Capital Markets

Sugar helps capital markets firms to deepen client relationships and drive sales of securitised products and services. By consolidating fragmented market information from a wide variety of internal and external data sources, Sugar enables you to react immediately to changing market conditions and tailor service to each client’s needs. With relevant and timely information at your fingertips, you have the insight to develop trading ideas quickly and increase the volume of transactions and profits. Sugar helps you quickly distill key actionable insights from the deluge of data generated by newsfeeds, market updates, and internal research publications while facilitating high-velocity client communication through dynamic, intelligently prioritised call lists with streamlined data capture.

Sugar provides managers with strategic client insights including KPIs and SLAs, as well as service gap detection and growth opportunity identification. You can easily maintain and execute on key account plans by aligning the right resources to the client’s needs Sugar is also designed to eliminate silos and facilitate collaboration across sales, trading and research while adhering to strict data visibility and transparency protocols, and ensuring a consistent client experience.

Sugar is based on open standards and integrates seamlessly with a variety of business systems and data sources (trading systems, technical analysis, charting platforms, etc.) to provide users with relevant and real-time information on market movements and trends.

Sugar’s SugarBPM™ engine allows you to easily model, automate, and monitor a wide range of business processes across front, middle, and back office— including conflict management, onboarding, and deal execution. Sugar’s easy-to-use visual interface gives you complete control over how you track the capture of information. Its flexible and granular security model ensures ongoing regulatory compliance in a rapidly changing environment.