Let the Good Reviews Roll

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Everything you need to create outstanding customer experiences and streamline customer service processes.

Provide customers with a rich, branded portal experience and omnichannel support, while boosting agent productivity.

Route cases intelligently, prioritize by SLA, and discover customer sentiment – all automatically.

Minimize support costs by deflecting calls and enabling customers to resolve their own issues with a self-service portal and knowledge base.

Enable your agents to resolve cases faster by giving them all the information and tools they need on a single screen.

It’s Easier to Give the Right Answers When You Can See Them Right In Front of You

Connect On Customer Terms

Embed omnichannel customer communications seamlessly into a single service console UI to streamline support, improve customer experience, and reduce costs.

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See Every Issue At A Glance

Empower your agents to be more productive with a powerful console that intelligently prioritizes cases by SLA, priority, and severity, and puts all the information and tools needed to resolve cases at their fingertips.

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Take Your Customer’s Temperature

Know your customers’ outlook and attitude towards you, and understand your agents’ demeanor with your customers, using SugarPredict-powered sentiment analysis.

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Deflect Support Calls

Help your customers help themselves with a branded self-service portal and knowledge base. Your customers will get the answers they need, while you minimize costs and avoid support calls.

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Let The Platform Route The Cases

Route inbound customer service requests to the right person automatically. Whether you need to escalate a case or reassign it when too much time has passed, SugarBPM™ ensures no customer gets left behind.

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View Performance Without Reporting

Identify problem areas long before they become full-blown issues with powerful case tracking and dashboards. Quickly uncover which types of support cases require the most attention and gain valuable insight into trends and time-to-response.

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Make Customers Smile

Focus on people, not processes and ensure your customers receive a prompt response for each and every case.

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Get the Full Story

Sugar’s agent-focused interface paints a clear picture of each customer’s history and situation so you can coordinate response and resolve issues quickly.

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Flexible Pricing Models

SugarCRM is upfront about platform costs. There are no up-charges for contacting support. No extra fees for advanced features. And when you integrate Sugar Serve with Sugar Market and Sugar Sell, you’ll get a clear customer view at a fraction of what you’d pay elsewhere.