Make the most of your IBM investment

The SugarCRM solution builds on the value of your IBM investment through a comprehensive set of processes to ensure the most robust level of integration with IBM software and infrastructure.

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IBM Marketing Cloud and SugarCRM

IBM and SugarCRM are changing how organizations approach the entire customer engagement model. The combined solution we offer redefines what it means to create a customer-centric experience. The combination of Sugar and IBM Marketing Solutions provides an integrated customer experience across marketing, sales and service, and across digital and human interaction channels.

Social Business

Collaboration can play a critical role in the sales process of any company and many believe collaboration is a key attribute of a successful social business. Consider how sales professionals are required to work outside of their CRM system to engage engineering, legal or finance to evaluate, structure and negotiate a proposal. Leading companies are beginning to utilize enterprise collaboration environments to facilitate these robust conversations and provide a mechanism to refer, reference and repeat their successes.

The integration of SugarCRM and IBM’s collaboration software portfolio will drive better communications within a selling organization and improve customer support by increasing effective communication and teamwork, both inside and outside your organization.

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Analytics – “tell me something I don’t already know”

At SugarCRM, we believe in putting the “i” in CRM – helping the customer-facing individual (hence “i”) such as a seller or a customer service person do their job better to create exceptional customer relationships. This means that a CRM system should deliver insight and analytics, in context, for those customer-facing individuals; the CRM system should tell those individuals something they don’t already know about their prospect or their customer.

SugarCRM is integrated with IBM’s comprehensive, unified portfolio of analytics software, embedding that insight and analytics directly and in-context in the CRM system.

For integrating advanced analytics directly into CRM, SugarCRM offers the Sugar Connector to IBM Cognos BI (“Sugar Cognos Connector” for short). The combination of IBM Cognos Business Intelligence (BI) along with the Sugar Cognos Connector is the ideal solution for integrating advanced analytics with CRM. IBM Cognos Business Intelligence turns data into past, present and future views of your organization’s operations and performance along with advanced reporting and dashboarding capabilities. The Sugar Cognos Connector embeds Cognos BI directly into the Sugar UI with management integrations like single sign-on as well as an ETL tool for extracting from Sugar operational database. With the Sugar Cognos Connector, existing Cognos customers can leverage their existing Cognos investment with the ease of use of Sugar. And, new customers can purchase IBM Cognos BI from IBM or from an authorized IBM partner, plus the Sugar Cognos Connector, for an advanced analytics experience tightly integrated into CRM.

Sugar also integrates with SPSS to provide predictive analytics directly in context for a customer-facing individuals. Sellers or customer service agents can be more productive by taking advantage of rich analytics helping them to decide which opportunities are the most likely to close, which customers are at highest risk of attrition, or which service topics are likely to cause the most drain on company support resources.

SugarCRM was one of three partners invited by IBM to participate in the launch of IBM Watson Analytics, and is exploring the use of Watson Analytics integrated to Sugar.

SugarCRM is also working with joint IBM Watson and SugarCRM partner Findability Sciences to put IBM Watson cognitive computing technology into the CRM system.


Sugar Connector for IBM Cognos BI
Watson Analytics


Presentation: Sugar Connector for IBM Cognos BI


One of Sugar’s key strengths is its enterprise class CRM platform purpose built to support complex integration challenges for companies who require simple integration to spreadsheets or a multitude of integration requirements including guaranteed message delivery, data migration or connecting to an Enterprise Service Bus.

Access to on premise and cloud-based data sources and transaction systems allow companies to feed their customer facing professionals with the information they need to provide the best customer interactions every time.


WebSphere CastIron
WebSphere ESB
WebSphere MQ


Solution Brief


The Sugar solution is optimized for a wide variety of IBM infrastructure, giving customers choice, protecting customers’ investments, and reducing customer risk.

  • SugarCRM customers can choose from a wide variety of IBM deployment methods and infrastructure options, giving customers full flexibility between scalability, cost, and speed.
  • Sugar is tested and validated with a range of IBM infrastructure offerings including DB2 and a wide variety of IBM Power and Intel servers.
  • Testing, validation, scalability tests and guidelines help reduce your risk and maximize your investment. Sugar supports IBM DB2®, IBM PureSystems®, IBM System i®, IBM System x®, System p®, IBM SmartCloud® Enterprise, SoftLayer®, WebSphere® Cast Iron® Cloud, and IBM PowerLinux™ and has achieved multiple IBM validations: Ready for SmartCloud Services, Ready for DB2, and Ready for PureSystems.
  • IBM Dedicated and Private Clouds for Sugar

  • Sugar customers now have additional deployment choices – to deploy Sugar on premises or across IBM’s global network of Cloud Data Centers for greater security, data isolation and performance.
  • Clients can deploy on bare metal servers on the IBM Cloud or select OpenStack-powered private managed clouds provided by IBM Blue Box, which offers private cloud as a service on premise or in the Cloud across IBM's global network of 46 Cloud Data Centers.
  • In either case, the customer gets the best of the public and private cloud worlds – the elasticity, flexibility and agility of public cloud, with the dedicated infrastructure and security, data ownership, performance and regulatory advantages of private cloud.
  • For more information, see here or read the blog post here.
  • Highland Solutions leveraged IBM SoftLayer to create a dedicated private cloud based on bare metal servers to deliver a HIPAA compliant solution with the right level of data privacy and performance.
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