How can SugarCRM help your business?

Sugar makes the hard things easier by allowing companies like yours to let go of busy work, blind spots, and roadblocks. That means, marketing teams can generate qualified leads instead of manually monitoring marketing campaigns, sales leaders can focus on closing deals instead of shuffling through admin work, and CSMs can focus on direct customer interactions instead of looking for tickets.

When you let the platform do the work, you can finally focus on crafting an outstanding customer experience that increases customer loyalty and retention.

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How Can SugarCRM Help Your Business? | What is CRM | SugarCRM

Who is SugarCRM important for?

SugarCRM is Important for Marketing | What is CRM | SugarCRM


More Marketing-Sourced Revenue

From email marketing to predictive lead scoring, Sugar Market is the all-you-need marketing automation solution that automates repetitive tasks so marketing teams can focus on delivering more qualified leads.

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SugarCRM is Important for Sales | What is CRM | SugarCRM


More sales, less clicks

Knowing the next steps to close the sale has never been so easy (and fast). With Sugar Sell sales teams can stay on top of each deal in their pipeline and utilize predictive insights to make better decisions throughout sales cycles.

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SugarCRM is Important for Customer Service | What is CRM | SugarCRM

Customer Service

More answers, less questions

Utilizing omnichannel support, self-service portals, case routing automations, predictive sentiment analysis and more, Sugar Serve empowers agents to create outstanding customer relationships and experiences. Improve the efficiency of your customer service representatives while increasing customer satisfaction at the same time.

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