The Combined Power of Sales and Service Software

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Your sales team sells your products and sets expectations for new customers. Your service team needs to deliver on those promises and maintain the level of value your customers expect.

What happens when your teams don’t align? A disaster for your brand: broken trust, customers leave, and demotivated employees. You need solid communication channels, a robust hand-off process, and technology that makes the hard things easier for sales and service teams to focus on creating customers for life.

Join us and learn the following:

  • What is the ROI from aligning the sales and service experience?
  • The top 5 most encountered challenges when aligning sales and service teams
  • Best practices to align both departments
  • The combined power of Sales and Service software

Speaker Details

Charles Hicks

General Manager, Sugar Serve at SugarCRM

Explorer of new and exciting markets, Charles Hicks is the General Manager of Customer Service at SugarCRM and has over 20 years of experience in operations, consulting, sales and marketing.

Roy Grubbs

Customer Success Manager at SugarCRM

With 5+ years of experience with Sugar, Roy works with customers to ensure quality service and augment user adoption across business units. He looks to bring value in every conversation, and educate customers on how they can take advantage of the vast ecosystem Sugar has to offer based on their objectives.

Mario Del Cid

Customer Success Director, EMEA at SugarCRM

Mario is an experienced account manager, working closely with local partners on the success of Sugar customers in Spain, Portugal, Middle East, and Africa. He’s dedicated to building life-long customer relationships, providing a positive experience to our customers at every touchpoint, supported by the Sugar CX Platform.

Sarah Friedlander Garcia

Director of Content Marketing at SugarCRM

As the Director, Content Marketing at SugarCRM, Sarah is a high-performance marketing professional responsible for the creation, implementation, and measurement of content across 10+ marketing channels.

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