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The 2019 CRM Buyer's Guide

Download the 2019 CRM Buyer's Guide featuring 37 pages including the questions to ask when evaluating solutions and some tips for getting started on the path to modern, game-changing CRM.


The CRM Buyer’s Guide for Manufacturing

Digital transformation continues to disrupt the way manufacturing businesses interact with their customers, which in turn provides new ways to rethink age-old processes. So, if you’ve been managing customer relationships for the same way for decades, now is the time to change things up.


CRM Evaluation Checklists Toolkit

If you’re thinking about moving to a new CRM, it’s important to first figure out exactly what you’ll need to create the ultimate experience for your customers. From product features to platform evaluation and vendor pricing, use these checklists to ask the right questions as you evaluate CRM for your business.


Navigating Sales Statistics

From cold-calling to social selling, leveraging data to inform sales strategy is a must in today's digital market. Savvy sellers use CRM to make sense of the numbers and focus their time on activity with the highest likelihood to drive revenue. Here's the top sales statistics that every seller should know.


User Adoption Playbook

Use this User Adoption Playbook to guide your users
to effectively embrace change and communicate
the value of implementing a CRM. Combine modern
CRM and effective adoption strategies to ensure
your software rollout exceeds expectations.


CRM Glossary

From CRM basics to reporting and analytics, get the complete list of commonly used CRM terms and industry definitions.