Say “Goodbye” to Clunky Support Tools

It’s easy to give customers the right answers when they’re right in front of you. Provide your customer support team with an intuitive service console that guides them to the next best action, resulting in better response times and resolution rates for you and more outstanding experiences for your customers.

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Deliver High-Definition CX​

With complete visibility into customer needs and journeys, quickly find resolutions and create customers for life.

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Find Answers Fast​

​Never make customers repeat themselves with a view of complete context. Provide an efficient customer service experience with deep insight into customer issues.

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Stop Guessing​

​Use ready-to-go reports and templates to measure the impact of your CX efforts.​

Let the Platform Provide the Answers​

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Get the Full Picture​

Give customer service agents context at a glance so they can act quickly on customer requests and issues across multiple channels. Managers can gain deep insight into status, workloads, and other critical metrics.

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Speed Through SLAs ​

Automatically measure and prioritize support against even the most complex service-level agreements, including managing against multi-region business centers and hours.

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Route Cases Right ​

Smart routing and escalations are incredibly simple to setup and ensure the right agents are solving your customers’ issues, at the right time. ​​Increase team productivity and customer experience at the same time.

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Quit Building Reports​

Spend time actioning insights instead of building dashboards with pre-built dashboards and reports for customer support agents and managers.​