It’s Easier to Find the Right Answers When They’re Right In Front of You

Tired of manually poring over dozens of reports, dashboards and spreadsheets? Get answers to your forecasting questions fast, and make your weekly forecasting calls a breeze with Sell Premier’s Enhanced Forecasting capabilities.

Detect Changes Graphic | SugarCRM Enhanced Sales Analytics

Remove the Manual Work

Ditch the spreadsheets and manual calculations with proven out-of-the-box dashlets.

Rewind History Graphic | SugarCRM Enhanced Sales Analytics

Rewind to the Past, Anticipate the Future

Understand how your pipeline, quota, forecast, and attainment evolve over time with Time-Aware reporting capabilities.

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Immediate Value, Out of the Box

Access business-changing metrics from day one with Enhanced Forecasting with Sugar Sell Premier.

Let the Platform Make the Projections

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Skip the Patience Exercise

Eliminate the need to integrate expensive 3rd party tools or create manual reports, with key metrics and commonly used KPIs out-of-the-box. With Enhanced Forecasting, you can analyze forecasting and revenue data such as win rates, sales velocity, pipeline health, and more. By leveraging helpful pre-built-dashlets , you can save time and resources and make decisions that accelerate your business.

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Measure Metrics Over Time

Understand past performance and current progress to make accurate predictions about the future. Use time-bound data to enable more informed decisions, and gain valuable insights to make data-driven decisions that move your business forward.

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Be Proactive

Track sales performance metrics in real-time so you can act quickly. Uncover actionable insights, optimize your sales strategies, and drive revenue growth for your business.

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Act Quickly and Confidently

Accelerate sales performance with proven out-of-the-box metrics. Quickly identify root causes and act fast to help your organization meet its goals.