Win More, Wait Less

Turn prospects into customers using AI lead-interest analysis and quickly create dynamic, multi-phase, highly targeted campaigns to drive more high-quality leads into your pipeline. By providing actionable lead intelligence to your sales team via Sugar Sell or other CRM integrations, win more deals and shorten the sales cycle.

Score Leads with Ease

Measure engagement and prioritize sales outreach with actionable lead intelligence.

Perfect Timing

Reach out to prospects and customers at the best possible time to create new revenue opportunities.

Align and Assign

Give Sales one-click access to all relevant lead information and engagement history so they can spend time connecting, not researching.

Let the Platform Nurture the Leads

From Nuisance to Relevance

Target prospects based on where they are in their journey and serve up relevant content that aligns with specific criteria and AI-based insights. Easily set up automated nurture emails based on criteria such as demographic information web activity, interests, likeliness to convert, and more.

Keep Score

Never do what a platform can do for you. Market can accurately flag the highest quality leads for your business, considering engagement, firmographic and demographic information, purchase details, intent, and more. As prospects are qualified, they’re automatically sent to sales via Sugar Sell and other CRM integrations.

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More Conversation, Less Investigation

Marketers collect a lot of data—form entries, page visits, ad clicks, email opens, and more—but turning that data into actionable insight becomes overwhelming. With Market, you’re not tasked with finding needles in haystacks. Insights are uncovered for you and then shared with Sales so teams can spend time connecting, not researching.