Marketing Intel and Automations in Sage

Getting Sales and Marketing on the same page can be a big win–companies can drive 5-36% growth simply through alignment. Bring Sales and Marketing together by integrating your Sage CRM data with marketing automation platform, Sugar Market. This integration is seamless and doesn’t require any third-party tools or services.

Leverage Up-to-date Insights

Integration capabilities create a two-way sync with Sugar Market and Sage, ensuring that both CRM and marketing automation data is always up-to-date. 

  • Provide sales with visibility to marketing activities and templates to send trackable emails 
  • Send automated alerts and create tasks in Sage so sales can follow up based on contact activity 
  • Blend marketing and sales actions with intelligent and automated nurtures to decrease funnel leakage 
  • Prioritize and manage follow up with lead scoring and management 
  • Track a lead through the complete sales cycle from creation to close with reporting dashboards 

Sugar Market + Sage CRM

Alignment between Sales and Marketing starts with aligning technology platforms. This means choosing a marketing automation platform that will seamlessly communicate with your CRM from day one is an absolute must. See how simple our powerful integration is below: 

  • Fully supported out-of-the-box integrations are native 
  • Combines native and iFrame-based integration 
  • All marketing data housed natively inside Sage to help align sales and marketing 
  • Regularly refreshes and syncs your Sage CRM database