Marketo for Sugar

Build and sustain more durable, long-term relationships with prospects and customers across channels with Marketo for Sugar.

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About Marketo

Marketo provides the leading cloud-based marketing automation platform for companies of all sizes. Built by marketers, for marketers – and supported by the Marketing Nation – Marketo provides everything you need to get successful fast and scale as your needs grow.

Marketo for Sugar

Marketo adds value to your Sugar solution by linking marketing and sales automation processes to accelerate the entire revenue cycle.  By providing marketers with a powerful system that enables them to automate and measure demand generation campaigns resulting in more high-quality leads, sales and marketing can work together to drive revenue like never before.

Why Marketo?

  • Marketing Automation: Easily create, automate, and track engaging campaigns and marketing workflows across all your marketing channels.
  • Email Marketing: Go beyond batch and blast. Engage your prospects and customers with highly relevant and conversational email campaigns.
  • Lead Nurturing: Automatically deliver the right content to the right person at the right time with intelligent engagement technology.
  • Sales Intelligence: Customize lead scoring to give sales the insights they need to prioritize activities and focus on the leads that close.
  • Social Marketing: Make every campaign social with fully integrated social apps that engage customers and generate brand advocates.
  • Marketing Management: Plan and manage marketing budgets across teams and regions. Forecast more accurately, balance the budget and work together better with finance.
  • Analytics: Answer sophisticated questions about marketing ROI performance over time. Prove – and improve – the impact that marketing has on every stage of the revenue process.
  • Digital Marketing Platform: Our applications are built on Marketo’s Digital Marketing Platform, a system of record for customer information and behaviors that is purpose-built to serve the unique needs of marketers.
  • Marketing Nation: The extended Marketo community is a network of marketers, experts, thought leaders, and partners that we call the Marketing Nation™. With thousands of customers in the Nation, we’ve learned a lot about what makes marketing more successful. That’s why at Marketo, we won’t just help you automate tasks; we will make you a better marketer, with ideas, expert services and support, partners, and best practices to get the fastest speed to maximum results.