At SugarCRM Inc. and its subsidiaries (SugarCRM), the way we lead, work, and behave is driven by our core values. It is important that we, as an organization, are consistent and aligned with those values and that our activities in the market and as an employer uphold these values. SugarCRM is committed to integrating responsible and sustainable business practices across our operations. It is our policy to act responsibly in our day-to-day relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees, and communities.

Purpose of this Policy

This Statement is about how SugarCRM takes account of its economic, social, and environmental impact in the way we operate as a business. By demonstrating our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, we aim to align our business values, purpose, and strategy with the needs of our customers, while embedding responsible and ethical principles into everything we do.

Fair Employment Practices

SugarCRM is committed to uphold the rights of our employees and treat them with dignity and respect. This applies to all employees including temporary, intern, contract, or any other type of worker. We have detailed processes and procedures in place to ensure we are in compliance with all applicable regulations and laws in the locations in which we work. Employment decisions on hiring, evaluation, promotion, training, development, and compensation are based on qualification, merit, performance, and business needs. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, gender, marital, status, disability status, or any other protected category.

We ensure:

  • All work is voluntary;
  • Child labor is not used in any area;
  • Compensation paid to employees is compliant with all applicable wage laws, including those related to minimum wages, overtime hours, and legally mandated benefits;
  • Verification of employment eligibility is always performed;
  • Creation and maintenance of documents and records ensure regulatory compliance and conformity to company requirements along with appropriate confidentiality to protect privacy; and
  • SugarCRM conducts a regular review of our processes related to wage and labor practices.

Health, Safety, and the Environment

SugarCRM recognizes that in addition to minimizing the incidence of work-related incident and illness, providing a safe and healthy work environment enhances the quality of products and services, the consistency of performance, and employee morale. We also recognize that ongoing employee input and education is essential to identifying and solving health and safety issues in the workplace.

Occupational Safety
It is the responsibility of each employee to conduct all tasks in a safe and efficient manner complying with all local and governmental rules and regulations regarding workplace safety. SugarCRM conducts periodic health and safety audits to determine any possible occupation safety ricks.

SugarCRM has ergonomic specialists available for workplace analysis and reasonable accommodations are provided as necessary.

Procedures and systems are in place to prevent, manage, track, and report occupational injury and illness including provisions to: encourage employee reporting, recording injury and illness cases, providing necessary medical treatment, investigating cases and implementing corrective actions to eliminate their root causes, and facilitating the return of employees to work.

Employees are encouraged to bring forth safety concerns and input to ensure a safe working environment. Any safety related concerns can be reported to:

Environmental Management
SugarCRM understands that its activities affect the environment and the communities in which we operate. We believe that we have a responsibility to identify and manage these impacts as effectively as possible. We are committed to continually improving our environmental performance and moving towards best practices in corporate sustainability. SugarCRM is committed to complying with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations.

As part of our commitment to environmental management, SugarCRM aims to:

  • Minimize the environmental impacts of our operations
  • Reduce consumption of materials in all operations, where practicable, to re-use instead of disposing of materials, and where possible to promote recycling and use of recycled materials
  • Seek to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and manage energy wisely
  • Reducing our transportation requirements wherever possible by utilizing online meetings and conference calls
  • Properly disposing of any electronic office equipment
  • Optimizing efficiency for all printing and copying functions including printing double-sided whenever possible

Community involvement

SugarCRM is active in community participation and encourages and supports employee participation in service activities that contribute to our communities. We have an employee directed committee, Social Sugars, which directs our social, community, and philanthropic activities.

We participate in the following activities:

  • Working, supporting, and volunteering with local, national, and international charities
  • Prior company sponsored volunteer events have included: food bank support, community beautification efforts, building homes for the homeless, and supporting pet shelters
  • Employment opportunities for veterans
  • Donating unused office supplies, clothing, and other general items to support local schools


The ultimate responsibility for the commitment to our corporate social and environmental sustainability principles lies with every employee at SugarCRM.

The effectiveness of this policy will be monitored and reviewed at least annually by the Human Resources and Compliance teams with input from SugarCRM personnel.

Updated: December 31, 2021