The world’s largest producer of pultruded fiber reinforced polymer, Strongwell Corporation has a presence across the globe. By investing heavily in Research and Development (R&D) and new product development, the company provides a premium product for the construction and engineering industry.

In search of a more efficient and measurable marketing outreach method, Strongwell turned toward marketing automation to amplify its inbound marketing efforts and integrate with its CRM, Microsoft Dynamics. “After undergoing a Sugar Market demo, our team saw the platform’s immediate value. It’s revolutionized the way we prospect,” said Barry Myers, Marketing Manager, Strongwell.

Only one year after implementing another marketing automation platform, the company was unsatisfied with its inability to accurately track website activity and email engagement. Strongwell received recommendations for Sugar Market and was impressed by its capabilities and convenient price point. These web traffic reports, combined with advanced email metrics, provide Strongwell the knowledge needed to manage leads in real-time.

Sugar Market’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics also allows the marketing team to qualify and engage prospects before passing them to sales through the CRM. This helps Strongwell maintain the quality of its database. Strongwell also has utilized the platform to execute personalized nurture campaigns. Previously, the company sent prospect emails under a generic Strongwell account.

“Email personalization has bolstered the effectiveness of our marketing outreach. Sending personalized emails through Sugar Market generated a quote request for a $30,000 project on day one. Results like that confirm we’ve made the right choice,” said Myers.

Sugar Market’s real-time web and email tracking has transformed Strongwell’s marketing operations. By integrating all content capture points with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sugar Market provides the data needed to qualify leads accurately. The result for Strongwell: a better means of marketing and a healthier bottom line.

Industry Construction
Location Bristol, Virginia