Picture this… you’re a university with two campuses, 10,000 students, and a heart for building deep connections with the community. You strive to provide a cohesive student experience, from first contact through graduation.

But it’s difficult to keep the focus on individual experiences with disjointed data and lack of visibility. You need a single, integrated system for tracking student interactions along their educational journey, building custom business processes, and keeping everyone, from admissions to marketing, informed.

So, you turn to SugarCRM. Now, every student email, chat, or phone call maps back to Sugar for effective tracking. With Sugar Sell and Sugar Market together, CRM and marketing automation are in one place for full-team access and visibility. Sugar Connect makes it easy to work with student data directly in Outlook or Gmail while still tracking the last student interaction in the platform. When leaders need real-time reporting, they can easily filter by department, student information, or form fields like campus location.

With lead and student data in one place, your teams can control communication frequency and be more intentional with their messages. Automation gives you time back to focus on providing a better student experience. Plus, more frequent and effective communication with prospective students increases conversions. 2-5% across every program, namely the Masters in Counseling Psychology which increased by over 5%.

Industry Education
Location Palo Alto, CA
Costa Mesa, CA

Join Ashley Simon, Senior Admissions Counselor at Sofia University and AJ Traver-Williams, Director, Customer Marketing at SugarCRM to hear how this university overhauled their siloed technology stack and switched to Sugar for their sales and marketing solution.

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