Industry Financial Services
Location Buenos Aires, Argentina, Panama, Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay


Close more more sales; improve customer service response time; and increase understanding of customer needs; share information across business units in different South American countries.

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Sugar Professional, hosted on-site, deployed to 100 percent of the sales and marketing staff, and 50 percent of support staff.

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  • 5 years of double-digit percentage sales growth
  • 50% decrease in customer service response time because of better process management
  • 50% increase in email open rate because of improved customer profiles
  • 33% reduction in sales cycle time
  • More than 350 hours saved annually by automating many regulatory compliance functions

Leading Latin American investment banking and brokerage firm focusing on capital markets, wealth management and trading. Specialists in technology investment and state, municipal and corporate bonds.

  • Founded: 1915
  • Customers: Governments, financial institutions, corporate clients and individual investors


As one of Latin America’s top investment banking firms, Puente is on a 24-hour business clock to provide services for clients throughout the world. If you think it is difficult getting an overtaxed sales staff to keep up with the sales pipeline during an eight- or 10-hour day, imagine the challenge of managing the same sales dynamics across every hour of the day throughout the world.

Now stack on regulatory compliance obligations that vary from country to country; the need for high-level information security and immediate customer service responses to potential investors who range from small-cap markets to state and municipal bond issuers or holders.

This, then, is the world of Diego Yatchesen, Puente’s chief information officer and – as you might expect – a CRM advocate.

“Our business works on so many levels: we have responsibilities to investors, to companies, and to regulatory agencies. We couldn’t do it without a platform like Sugar, which makes us efficient and effective,” Diego says.

With Sugar, Puente saves money, increases sales, improves customer service and meets its regulatory compliance obligations

Making Big Banking Personal

From the neighborhood savings and loan to the multi-national investment banking house, success is measured only one way: profits.

Profits come from sound investments, which in turn create satisfied clients, strengthen relationships and foster additional investment growth, both in client portfolios and company assets. And those portfolios and assets have to be managed to mazimize ongoing returns.

“Sugar gives us those management tools to know what our clients want and where revenue potential exists,” says Diego, a former project manager who led Puente’s transition to a modern CRM system.

By integrating its proprietary trading software with Sugar, Puente started to customize email lists for push campaigns. Marketing lists now can focus on specific customer traits, such as trade frequency, account value or securities held.

The Sugar-driven changes took off in sales, where 60 employees previously used a mix of applications and spreadsheets based on personal preferences to manage the sales pipeline and, as a result, had no communication or continuity; no sound foundation for tracking or forecasting sales or conversions.

“Now, we can track every development and see what should be closing or why it isn’t,” says Diego. “We see the entire customer journey, from lead to conversion to customer to close, and all sales.” Because of improved tracking and information visibility, Puente has reduced its sales cycle by 33 percent, he says.

Narrowing the sales cycle was rewarding financially, but challenging in the regulatory compliance sense. It didn’t help to close a sale faster if the transaction couldn’t be processed because of paperwork issues. Sugar stepped up again, replacing a paper compliance system that used to require eight hours per week to manage. In Sugar, it takes just one hour, and includes verifying all transaction documentation for completeness and accuracy.

“We are saving time and money and we are compliant without as much effort today because all forms and documentation are in Sugar,” Diego says.

The CRM system also provides a clear window into customer service and case management for Puente, which handles up to 300 tickets monthly. Since implementing Sugar, response times times are 50 percent faster and customer tickets are closed 30 percent more rapidly.

Eyes on Expansion

The more Puente uses Sugar, the more company officials are finding ways to improve efficiency and create transparency.

“We coud not have the growth we have today without Sugar,” says Diego. “And we can surely do even more on the service side and the automation side,”

With offices in many South America countries and expansion plans on the table, Puente knows it can depend on Sugar to keep everyone informed.

“Simply being able to share accurate, real-time information with so many people is a huge asset,” Diego says.

Solution Partner: GrowIT

Puente’s customized Sugar deployment was developed and implemented and is managed by GrowIT. A SugarCRM Platinum Partner, GrowIT works with companies throughout South America by merging technology and business strategies to drive sales, improve customer service, measure marketing results and improve workflows.

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