Picture this…you’re one of the largest manufacturers of boom lifts, cherry pickers, and access platforms. Your 550 employees serve customers in over 60 countries with compact, low-weight machines that offer minimal environmental impact.

But, adoption of your existing CRM platform is low, and sales data is spread across shared drives and email chains. You need a centralized platform for customer data that lives in the cloud to help streamline sales processes and make quoting easier — even on the go. You also need guidance and best practices to help you implement it and drive use across the company.

So, you turn to SugarCRM, and with help from Sugar reseller redk, you set goals to optimize sales processes and centralize data for a 360-degree view of customers. redk oversees your migration to the cloud and develops a custom mobile pricing tool to streamline quote creation. It also provides best practices to increase user adoption and transition into a fully digital business cycle.

Now, the sales team uses Sugar every day, and you have higher data quality than ever. Teams can automatically generate quotes in Sugar, making the data accessible to other users. Since implementation, you’ve already noticed a positive impact in some sales lines. And with one successful implementation down, you have a blueprint for future transformation and growth.

Industry Manufacturing
Location Milton Keynes, UK
Sugar Partner

At redk, we are determined to make your business successful. The first step in our approach to CRM is understanding and adapting our solutions to your core business strategy and objectives. Our ultimate goal is to seamlessly align our technology with your business plan so you can reach your objectives. Our services help you close the gap between digital customer-driven strategy and tactical and operational execution.

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