Company Snapshot

As a leading manufacturer of machine vision software, MVTec Software GmbH supplies cutting-edge technologies to companies in a wide range of sectors. The company’s products are both highly advanced and in high demand, with options to support a wide variety of imaging needs: 3D vision, embedded vision, optical inspection…and the list goes on. From medicine to agriculture, the range of industries that rely on MVTec is vast.

The Story

For years, MVTec relied on its ERP system to process new leads. But with multiple locations and an established network of distributors across 35 countries, it was a cumbersome process. As the company began to focus on taking a more customer-oriented approach to sales, marketing, and service, they found the solution to be “inadequate and incorrigible.” The system covered only limited components of the features and functionality MVTec employees needed and wasn’t able to keep up with changing needs of the fast-growing organization.

“For opportunities, a solution was completely missing,” said Global Sales Analyst Doris Schilling.

Therefore, Ms. Schilling and her team set out to find a more comprehensive customer experience (CX) solution—one that would provide fast access to sales data, make it easy to track opportunities, and automate task management. That’s when MVTec discovered Sugar.

While the company had been considering various other options, the team ultimately determined that Sugar most closely matched MVTec’s requirements and corporate philosophy. Together with implementation guidance from Advanced Partner Fellow Consulting, MVTec set out to merge all of its customerfocused activities into one central CX platform for a 360-degree customer view.

“For the expansion plans of MVTec, having a professional CX system was substantially necessary,” said Vice President of Sales Martin Krumey.

MVTec didn’t just roll out Sugar to a small group of employees. The company also introduced it to all subsidiaries and across many stakeholders at MVTec — not only Sales. In addition, distribution partners, suppliers, and partners are all part of the system, with the goal of engaging leads across the full range of relationships.

The Results

Today, MVTec’s sales team relies on Sugar to plan, track, and document all kinds of interactions with prospective customers. Employees adopted the new system quickly and in large numbers, and immediately began to apply it to different elements of the customer experience.

Several unique features in particular allow the company to create more meaningful connections with customers. No-touch information management ensures sales team members see the exact insights they need at any given moment, while time-aware context shows which events led to the current stage of a prospect’s journey with the company.

And with Sugar’s continuous cloud innovation, stakeholders rest easy knowing that the platform will continue to be updated as customer expectations evolve. The system has been so successful, the company decided to design and integrate a second Sugar solution for the subsidiary in China. Next up, MVTec will work with Fellow Consulting to create deeper integrations and expand usage in many areas.

“We are convinced that a professional CX system is a big benefit for a global sales organization and for the steering of it,” Mr. Krumey said. “Sugar is well-perceived by the sales team and is contributing to the continuous growth of MVTec.”

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