When you’re one of the oldest and largest homeopathic medicine manufacturers and distributors in the US and Canada, you surely know how to handle your operations. You have 34 Sales and Customer Care Representatives dedicated to their roles, but you’ve started to notice that they are having trouble coordinating their activities and keeping track of customer interactions. 

Extra efficiency could help in this case. It is sometimes the best strategic decision for your business, especially when your reps lack transparency of activity among team members, on top of limited reporting capabilities in identifying stocked items in various stores across the globe. 

So, you start investigating CRM solutions, and you discover SugarCRM. You then learn that the customizations you envisioned are realistic and easy to implement with the right vendor. You can redesign your entire sales order process in a way that helps your Sales and Customer Care Representatives automatically handle turnover orders. 

Now, your Sales and Customer Care Representatives don’t have to send and keep track of back-and-forth email exchanges, leading to increased productivity, transparency, and reduced manual labor. They can quickly identify and manage accounts with the same store name, which reduces confusion and inconsistencies in data. 

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