Picture this…you have a reputation for delivering the widest range of home appliances and electronics on the market, and are at the cutting edge of latest product development. Known for your exceptional customer support, you are constantly looking for ways to enhance processes and exceed your high standards.  

Consistent growth in market share and customer base requires you to relook at existing systems and processes. The current hybrid model – where service is backed by a robust ERP system and the front-end customer journey is manual – needs to evolve to a complete digitised process.  

Seamless integration between service and customer experience is needed to help close any gaps in the existing mode of operation, drive efficiencies and offer a superior end-to-end customer journey. 

To improve customer relationships, enhance after-sales support and influence future product management, you need an efficient way to not only record and access information but gain valuable insights from it. 

So, you turn to SugarCRM. With its ability to not only meet process optimisation requirements but for its highly configurable nature, user-friendly reporting and data analysis features, you select Sugar Serve and Ambit Software – the field service automation and management capabilities are also a big plus. 

The solution is quick to deploy, cost-effective, accessible and most importantly scalable to support future requirements and company growth. You are able to easily manage costs, compliance and data security issues with the transparent and flexible nature of SugarCRM. The solution is a key part of your aftersales transformation journey, to continue to meet customer needs now and in the future.    

Industry Distribution, Retail and Consumer Goods
Location Dubai, UAE

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