Picture this… you’re a full-service tax firm with a focus on tax prep and resolution. When individuals and businesses face a tax burden they can’t manage or afford, they turn to you for help, resulting in thousands of leads per day.

But, your goal is to provide impeccable customer experiences despite ingesting data from a number of touchpoints, whether via web, phone, or SMS. And while other systems boast flashy apps and cloud functionality, what you really need is an end-to-end solution you can customize to suit your unique needs.

So, you turn to SugarCRM. With one-on-one guidance from solutions partner Nablasol, you’re finally able to design the automated workflows you need to take in tons of data, give employees time back in their days, and provide customers with faster answers and memorable experiences.

Now, you’re able to close business faster (sometimes on the first call). In fact, 80% of total client enrollment is same-day. Instead of manually processing applications across five or six systems, you can do it from one. That’s what happens when you let the platform do the work.

Industry Banking, Financial Services, Insurance
Location Chicago, IL
Sugar Partner

Nablasol helps companies build meaningful relationships with their customers using technology. They connect with companies as strategic business partners to develop a people-first approach for digital transformation. They empower businesses to create value for their customers and become distinct in their industry using digital customer experience. They do so by providing them with technological expertise, customer insights, & business strategy.

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