Improve sales and create efficiencies by implementing time-saving tools for prospecting and nurturing customer relationships.


Sugar Professional with relationship intelligence booster Hint.


  • 75 minutes saved each day per seller on prospect data capture time
  • Central database for prospect and customer information
  • Enhanced post-sale opportunities by improving data resources
  • Superior relationship intelligence compared to others in the industry


Carolina Industrial Trucks (CIT) is a materials-handling supplier providing forklift sales, rentals, service, parts, operator training and warehouse products. A certified dealer for three of the world’s top forklift manufacturers, CIT operates five full-service locations in North and South Carolina.

Daily Prospect Research Time Cut by Nearly 2/3s

Most companies in the materials handling business sell the same products, so finding ways to differentiate and create efficiencies are essential to growth.

When CIT needed to drive revenue, one of its steps was to implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.

The Sugar Professional platform created immediate process efficiencies and improved post-sale opportunities. But CIT also experienced challenges common to organizations new to CRM: achieving widespread adoption and having sellers spend too much time (two hours daily) researching prospects.

CIT’s solution came in the form of a Sugar add-on called Hint, a relationship intelligence seine that combs websites and social media to automatically create a data-rich prospect profile that appears on a seller’s dashboard.

Hint draws from a range of public-domain data associated with a contact name and email address. It can include Twitter and Facebook profiles, and about 70 other common data sources that would be laborious for sales or marketers to research, input and collate manually.

Upon evaluating Hint, CIT quickly realized the solution was ideal for its sales reps to become more efficient at their daily tasks. Three days later, Hint was up and running.

Now, CIT sales reps are excited about using Sugar and Hint and see every day how it enhances their performance.

Prospect research time is down from two hours to 45 minutes, which enhances CIT’s ROI. With Hint and Sugar, CIT sees a bright growth picture based on a clear prospect and customer image.

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