Case Study: Finds Success In The Cloud With SugarCRM

Business Issue is singularly focused on the implementation and management of comprehensive Web marketing strategies for law firms. Consultwebs takes a very customized approach to client relationships. Its services span the scope of online marketing, including website design, SEO, paid online search ads, and content development. With employees in Colorado, North Carolina, Kentucky, Minnesota, and Iceland, required a web-based CRM solution that could be accessed from anywhere, 24x7. That included student interns logging in from campus locations. And the company was growing fast so it needed a flexible system that could adapt to its needs and scale to accommodate growth.


  • Flexible
  • Scalable
  • Easy to customize
  • Simple integration with other cloud solutions

The Solution: Sugar Professional OnDemand

The team reviewed many CRM packages and SugarCRM stood out as the perfect marriage of simplicity and flexibility. Also, as an open source solution, the Consultwebs in-house web developers could make changes to the system—personalizing and expanding the solution as needed. Consultwebs also worked closely with Sugar partner Blytheco.

Business Benefits

  • Consolidates five systems into one
  • Manages contacts and opportunities
  • Integrates easily with other cloud-based systems
  • Supports planned expansion into support tickets and post-sale client management