How WFG National Title Insurance Overcame Automation Challenges with SugarCRM

WFG National Title Insurance Company is an organization in the real estate insurance field looking to create a better real estate transaction experience for all parties involved. Besides, WFG was looking into solutions to increase CRM adoption and streamline Marketing operations, along with giving their sales enablement efforts a kick.

WFG National Title Insurance Company’s Founder and Executive Chairman, Patrick F. Stone, was keen to find a way to streamline the real estate buying process because luxury automotive transactions are carried at a faster pace, although they sometimes surpass real estate transactions in value. To facilitate and accelerate the process, they looked into advanced technological solutions that are more efficient than the old address book approach his sales teams used in customer interactions.

Automation Should Be Helpful, Not a Hassle

As WFG National Title Insurance Company started their automation journey, management quickly realized that not all solutions out there deliver what they promise on paper. First, WFG was looking for a CRM solution to empower their sales team with a complete view of their accounts and pipeline. Once management realized that the first solution selected acted more as an address book and lacked the automation the company needed, WFG tried to build their own custom solution.

“We’re not in the business of designing CRM software. We needed to simplify the use of the CRM and produce information for our sales team rather than just requiring input from them…so after gathering actionable information from activities and other sources, it then needed to be made immediately available and easily accessible for the sales team and not a spreadsheet sitting in someone’s inbox.”


Program Manager,

 MyHome, a Williston Financial Group Company

The company’s search didn’t stop there. They wanted an advanced marketing automation tool to allow their marketing department to effectively engage with their prospects and customers, one of their main challenges being managing customers’ marketing preferences. The first solution was costly and under-delivering regarding some of the most mundane tasks a marketing department had: forms, landing pages, and template creation. Instead of boosting sales enablement through marketing, the initial solution lacked essential features to help them meet this scope.

Third Time’s a Charm

With lots of experience comes lots of responsibility, so WFG put down a series of criteria to guide their third automation attempt.

  • Price
  • Value
  • Ease of use
  • Tool functionality and flexibility
  • Customization and integration capabilities.

With that in mind and thorough market research, WFG selected Sugar’s on-premises solution over the enterprise competitor.

But although the solution was promising, the company still needed a way to ensure proper adoption and use of the newly-selected CRM. To avoid past pitfalls, the teams at WFG needed to change how they interacted with their CRM and distance themselves from old workflows and patterns. After two failed attempts of the initial integration with two different vendors, WFG found W-Systems, the biggest SugarCRM reseller at that time (currently part of SugarCRM). W-Systems helped them achieve streamlined workflows and advanced automation and even successfully set up a wide range of use cases for the sales team to facilitate CRM interactions and increase adoption.

WFG also enriched their marketing efforts by adopting our marketing automation solution, Sugar Market.

“During any training session, we always remind the users that the CRM is here to provide information to them and not take time out of their day. By providing a little information, the system will bring you value, and in return, you’ll get insights into your customer’s behaviors and needs.


Program Manager,

MyHome, a Williston Financial Group Company. 

Increased Adoption and Confidence

After switching CRMs and vendors, WFG increased user adoption by 45%, reaching 90%. More than this, the company also saw a boost in efficiency and ROI. The sales teams saw improved operations with the new CRM switch and experienced efficiency and data visibility. The department now benefits from Sugar Market’s email automation features by creating predefined email templates.

“Marketing is so thrilled with the data and what their team can now do. They’ve got more time and are more efficient than they’ve ever been, allowing them to spend time developing more complex campaigns to improve our customer’s experience.”


Program Manager,

MyHome, a Williston Financial Group Company

Providing companies with suitable automation solutions can help them build more cohesive strategies based on clear insights into customer needs and interactions. WFG National Title Insurance, together with SugarCRM, is one of the best examples of how close collaboration and continuous implementation effort can deliver the best results in a relatively short interval.

Curious about how you can help your business grow and accelerate automation efforts? Get in touch with the SugarCRM team or read how we helped others overcome recurring business challenges here.

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